My wife and I recently purchased a home in Palm Harbor, Florida. We employed Victoria as our home purchasing agent, assistant.

Victoria was always available, and still is, for communications concerning our home needs.

Even after the sale, she is still in contact to make sure things are going well with our new home.

Victoria was easy to schedule meetings with for viewings and always willing to get the extra viewing if possible.

She is knowledgeable about the Palm Harbor housing market and was very helpful when it came time for us, in our home offering and purchasing decisions.

We will not hesitate to recommend Victoria Lippincot to our friends if they are ever in the market for a home in Palm Harbor or the neighboring communities.

Frank Marotta

I will downright demand of the people I care about to hire this realtor when they are ready to sell or buy a home, and this is coming from someone who has never written a review for any of the hundreds of items that I've purchased on Amazon and elsewhere. Either I'm lazy or I don't have the time, energy or desire to write reviews, but to not write one for Conor wouldn't sit well with my conscious given that he has never denied me a minute of his time for a sale that could have collapsed at several turns that took over 100 hours of work consummate on his part. I have tens and tens of pages of texts and emails most of which you'll see that he responded to in seconds. Feel free to ask for copies. I still have the exchanges and I can send tens of screen shots. They are quite telling. He understands human nature when it comes to such an important purchase. He understands that square pegs don't fit into round holes. He services. He informs. He updates. He doesn't "sell" or push. He doesn't tell you what to like or dislike. He knows when to say nothing. He knows when to say something. When you ask for his opinion, he offers it with the right mix of humility and sense of subjectivity. He also won't hesitate to point out something that's not so obvious. For us, he spotted things that didn't encourage the sale. He spotted things that actually squashed the sale. He wore my shoes. He's just a normal warm-hearted individual who treats people like they would want to be treated. Since the sale, he still communicates with me via text of local happenings - places where he is going and opportunities to spend an hour together. He knows what I like. He knows me. And he shares things that make my life better - both before and after the sale. We found him via Zillow. He responded to an inquiry. I googled him before making the plunge to fly from Ohio to Tampa to spend two days with him. I feared what could have been an obnoxious two days. It ended with a good friendship and extreme confidence that he was exactly the sort of support we needed from so far away. Do yourself a favor and hire this man! PS: For what it's worth, we purchased a home that was for sale by owner. It didn't matter to him. It was the right home for us so he was good with it.

John Faler

Conor was fantastic. I went in knowing almost nothing about how to buy a home. He walked me through every step of the process. He was always very responsive when I had any questions. He found just the right houses based on my criteria. He did a great job handling the negotiations with the seller. Conor helped me in dealing with the mortgage company. He helped me find an insurance company, an inspector, and other services. I knew I was in good hands. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jacob Piper

We are completely satisfied! Blake Real Estate was willing to do whatever needed to provide us with a good selling experience and made us feel confident that our home would be sold in a timely manner and for a fair price. Rick Blake’s friendly and compassionate attitude was our favorite thing about working with him. When a crisis situation occurred, Rick was willing to do whatever was needed to help, even though it did not directly affect our listing agreement.

Tim & Linda Southerland

I found Rick over a year ago, when I was going to sell our rental, instead put it in the rental market, and that was a painful process for me because of the renter. One year later, Rick and I spoke again and I put the house on the market. I had one offer and took it. Of course, I was hoping for an over asking price, as I had received all the marketing flyers about the homes sold in the area at over asking price but that did not happen for me. This was a very easy process, as the house had 10k just put into it one year ago, and I had it cleaned. Rick took care of finding a landscaper and let me know the air conditioner was not working, I was able to connect with both services and pay them to be taken care of. Rick's administrative assistant is amazing, as she was a point of contact, sent all the documents, and called and emailed me. Rick Blake did a fine job. If I was looking to buy a house in New Port Richey, I would call him first.

Jeff Brzycki

We liked Rick Blake's "no pressure" approach, calm and patient, yet responsive and quick to make appointments and get back to us with additional options. He's very knowledgeable about the area and helped us narrow down to a few good choices. The day of closing we discovered an issue with seller information not represented accurately in the original listing and Rick handled it calmly but aggressively for us, offering sound advice and negotiating an acceptable solution. Overall wonderful experience, I'm sending all my friends to him!

Barb Ulmer

Blake Real Estate met every and all my expectations and made the sale of our home quick, easy, and profitable.

Richard and Jessica Cortese

Rick Blake is an honest and open person. He did a good job selling my vacant lot; I am happy to have known him and enjoyed working with him!

ML Robinson

Rick Blake and his team were fantastic to work with. We hit a bit of a fluke situation, and he reacted swiftly and was able to present a viable option to circumvent the issue. The overall process and their attention to detail on all aspects were fantastic.

CJ Schmidt

For you selling our house:
We sold our home at 98% of asking price, and our agent Rick Wilson was with us every step of the way. Rick guided us through 5 contracts and 27 showings over the 2 month process, but we found the right buyer. He was an enormous help, and his wisdom and selling skills made the process easy. Thanks to Rick Wilson and Blake Real Estate, we were thrilled with the outcome.

For us buying a house:
Rick Wilson of Blake Real Estate is a real pro, and this beautiful home is the result. In our price range, there was little inventory, but Rick persevered and we found this home and closed within 5 weeks. Thanks Rick for all you did to make our dreams come true!

Bob and Mindy Crawford

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the huge part you played in getting our property in Shore Acres sold. The expertise, persistence and professionalism you have were absolutely invaluable in making this transaction a success. My wife and I are very grateful for everything you did to keep the sale on track for a quick closing. I would be happy to recommend Victoria Lippincott and Blake Real Estate to anyone needing to buy or sell a home.

Andrew R. Boyer, Esq.

There really are some pros out there!
Rick and his staff were Johnny-on-the-spot with every single request we had. In fact, the first day our house was listed it was sold! And the first house he showed us was the one we purchased. Pretty impressive, eh?

Fred and Gloria Hatfield

I had a great experience in selling my house. The house itself sold to the first couple that looked at it and was only on the active market for less than a week. Richard and his staff were great to work with and would I recommend them to anyone in the area.

Mark Scheiderer

The best agent and company we have worked with! With Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz, we felt our best interests were ALWAYS top of mind and drove the process. We really appreciated her willingness and patience to keep working with us until we found what was right for us.

Mark Lang & Beatriz Godoy

Richard Blake is very professional in all respects and made the process of selling my home too easy. It was a win for all concerned and I loved walking away with a huge check!

Gregory Dobbins

You made it so easy and stress free to sell our home. We felt we were given an honest and forthright opinion from from the start that set the right expectations for the process. All your marketing efforts resulted in a fast sale for a great price. Rick Blake made everything so easy! I'll have confidence contacting him again when I'm looking to buy my next home. Why would anyone in Safety Harbor consider anyone else other than Blake Real Estate?

Barb Perfetti

Blake Real Estate is a small up and coming agency in Tampa Bay FL. Rick Blake worked closely with me, but was never overbearing or demanding. He's easy to work with and knows the market. He uses technology to sell homes and keeps innovating his practices. I would highly recommend Blake Real Estate for real estate transactions in Tampa Bay.

Emily Sillcocks

Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz is very nice all the time and very professional. She was considerate and helpful with everything throughout our buying experience; including during the holidays. Micaela found us our dream home for a great price and always made us feel important!

Hector Davila & Ivonne Faccuseh

Rick Wilson's expertise and personal care give us a complete trust that we would find our home! His confidence and eagerness to find our dream home was amazing and we were really pleased to have found it in the time frame that we wanted and needed. Rick is the Best! Our experience with Blake Real Estate was wonderful and rewarding for us. Thank you!

Lu Anne and Ed James

If you are in need of a realtor, Micaela at Blake Real Estate is an amazing real estate agent, I worked last year with her when I was originally going to buy and when I decided to hold off until 2014 I made sure to go back to her not because she had already knew my prince range and location but because she sincerely cared and knew every answer to the many questions I had... Seeing soooooo many houses each house that would of been a nightmare she advised me to stay away regardless of how high the cost, never pushing me into settling for OK...Made it much less stressful for me, she built a bond with me and I'm so glad I had her to lead me in this huge decision in my life. I HIGHLY recommend her hands down!

Jenny Chacon

Micaela is super sweet and always patient with us; she is amazing. I will definitely recommend Micaela to friends and family.

Marco & Nikky Victorino

We worked mainly with Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz from Blake Real Estate in purchasing our new home. Throughout our entire experience working with Micaela, she was extremely professional, positive, and motivated. She went above and beyond our expectations from the point when we first began our search and throughout the process until we actually closed on our home. She made sure she did the research to provide us with all of the information necessary to make the best decision and she answered all of our questions promptly. We highly recommend Micaela and the whole Blake Real Estate team to any home buyer looking for that special house.

Al and Karla Barbosa

Blake Real Estate is a very thorough, down to earth firm who knows how to get the job done! Full service, market expertise and attention to detail were invaluable to us. Great staff, and friendly. Highly recommend for all real estate needs.

Maria and Mark Pettigrew

Buying a home can be a quick process. Going into this, I expected it to take at least 2 months to find a house but we found one a lot sooner. We were really pleased with the communication we received throughout the process; Victoria kept me up to date right away on everything and questions were always answered immediately. After working with Victoria from Blake Real Estate, I wouldn't use anyone else!

David Harsche

We found that Florida real estate is very different than Massachusetts when it comes to purchasing. Victoria Lippincott worked very hard to help us through the home-buying process. She did an excellent job finding us a perfect mortgage broker (My Mortgage Source) and inspector (SEC Inspections). We are very pleased to now have a soon to be, beautiful home on the water!

Barbara Desabrais

This was a big move for our family and we felt that Rick Blake handled our transaction with the utmost professionalism. We had already moved before final closing on the sale of our house in Clearwater and Rick was able to set our mind at ease and complete the transaction smoothly.

Sarah & Andrew Defosses

Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz responded quickly to our first phone call as we started our home search. She was very patient and helpful during the process and we were especially pleased with the results of our negotiation. It was a pleasure working with you, Micaela!

Sean Costello & Lorraine Voras

The entire team at Blake Real Estate made purchasing a home seem so easy, but it was all of their hard work and effort that made finding our dream home possible. Thank you so much, for guiding us through every step to home ownership! =)

Russell Fama & Alder Titus

We first contacted Micaela before we left Texas and she sent me listings before we even headed for Florida. She knew what we wanted and easily helped us find what we wanted. Micaela was excellent, friendly, and informative!

Clarence Holland

Richard Blake has put together a staff of knowledgeable agents who have recently helped us purchase a home in Palm Harbor Florida. Victoria Lippincott and Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz worked with us for over a year without hesitation until we felt the time was right for us to purchase. They were knowledgeable and fun, guiding us through the process from beginning to end. I highly recommend this Real Estate Company.

Jerry and Diana Allen

How to improve your services? Just clone Micaela!
Micaela made the process of buying a house less stressful and after working with Blake Real Estate, I have found someone that I consider to be a friend for life. On the eve of the scheduled closing, we still did not have all the docs needed from the condo association where I was moving. Micaela was relentless… she went to the seller’s house at 9:00 at night to get the docs from the seller; she made copies of 79 pages and got them to the lender. She was wonderful! I am lucky to have had her for my agent. I work in the customer service industry in Dunedin and meet lots of people visiting this area. I am already recommending her for future home buyers.

Nancy Trivett

We first met Richard when he helped our son successfully buy a home about 18 months ago. We decided to give him our business because of his local knowledge. We have been very happy and satisfied with that decision. He worked patiently and diligently as we work through home inventories and our having to revise our expectations, budget and target areas. When it was all said and done we decided to take a risk on a short sale and with Richards guidance it has worked out to get us the right house in the right location. Lots of improvements necessary to get the home how we want it, but that is what we signed up for. Richard was great and I would highly recommend him to any prospective clients.

Bob and Linda Tomas

I corresponded with Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz. We are in PA and there was a house in Tarpon Springs in which we were interested. She worked with us very professionally, yet was very personable. If she could not answer our questions immediately, she was prompt in finding the answer. We look forward to working with her in the future as our plans materialize.


We enjoyed the convenience & professionalism that Blake Real Estate exhibited throughout the home buying process.

Cameron O'Connell

My favorite thing about working with Blake Real Estate was having an agent that cared about us and was looking out for our best interest. I had a wonderful experience and will definitely recommend Micaela to others!

Erica Rafraf

I was matched up with Roberta Celiberti. She was very helpful and professional, and since we were new to the area, she gave us a lot of insight. I highly recommend Roberta and her team at Blake Real Estate.

Dean Schlake

The home buying process doesn't have to be horrible. We had Debbie's help along with her wonderful, caring and devoted personality. Buying our home was such a great experience. Very different from any stories we heard from friends and family about the whole process.

The whole process was very smooth and happened very quick. Our agent Debbie was always in contact with use during each step of the process. Getting us an amazing deal. She also took such great care of us as if we were family. Couldn't ask for a better agent and will never go elsewhere for our home buying or selling needs! Will be telling all my friends and family to go to Blake Real Estate.

Melinda and Christopher La Chapelle

Roberta made it very easy for me to purchase my condo even though I am in MN. All the paperwork was electronic and efficient. The time spent helping me search for the right place was helpful because she knew the area so well. I would recommend Blake Real Estate to anyone looking for a home in Pinellas County.

Amee Gullickson

Blake Real Estate is a very professional agency. My listing agent was Victoria Lippincott who is the most knowledgeable and easy person to work with. She is a great negotiator when it comes to getting your home sold.

Paulette Beaty

Micaela was amazing. She was very flexible with her schedule to accommodate us. I felt as if I was going through this important experience of finding a home with a friend and not a Real Estate Agent. It has been a long and pleasant experience. We are very happy to have found an agency that knows what they are doing and is there to help. We had a very hard time with the title company and our bank around closing time but Micaela was always there to calm us down and assure us that everything will work out.

Sedin and Sejla Dedic

We were very pleased to find our dream home and the efforts that Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz made to get us a great deal! Working with Micaela gave us more information than ever having worked with other realtors. On top of everything else, she always made us feel very important. We will recommend Blake Real Estate to all we know, as they deserve the same great service that we received!

Linda and Pete Morales

This is a great agency. Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz, my listing agent , is the kindest - friendliest - most conscientious - trustworthy person in the business. I never had a worrisome moment. Anyone apprehensive about listing and selling should put their home and trust in the hands of this great company and Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz.

Jacqueline Lang

Rick responded to all email and phone calls within a very reasonable time frame. He got me an offer within the time frame stated and the offer was very compatible with the market. This was a short sale and Rick knew who to work with and how the process works.
I would definitely work with Rick again.

Ed Gless

We used Rick Blake as our agent when we purchased our home and have been receiving market updates each month since. When we decided to list our home it was an easy decision to call him to represent us once again. After our initial discussion with Rick he put our minds at ease that this was not going to be the huge stressful event we thought it would be due to our circumstances and extremely short time line. The whole transaction went smoothly and everyone we met with were professional and sympathetic to our situation. Thank you for making a difficult situation somewhat easy.

Sherry and Dan Henderson

I tried for three weeks to get a hold of someone to just give me information on the condo of interest, and finally a family member gave me Roberta’s name and jumped right on it. She had all the information along with photos that same day. We worked together like a team. Roberta had all the right connections and knowledge that we needed to make this deal happen… she never left us wondering!

Cynthia Anderson

Although we own several homes, working with Richard gave us the chance to find out things about the market that we didn't realize existed and consequently changed our initial strategy on the home purchase. I was pleased to see that Rick took such an interest in our search, as we were just initially speculating about what was available. The personal touch and availability of Richard and his staff who showed a positive and professional attitude, along with the technology made the process seamless, even for me. I can’t think of anything Richard and his team need to improve on, and some may say I'm not the easiest customer to please.

Ben and Irma Cardoso

I was pleased with the way Richard Blake and Garrison Goodland handled every aspect my purchase. Although early in his career, Garrison provides the services of a seasoned professional and will go far. He did a fantastic job, got me a great deal and made it easy. I will be sure to recommend Blake Real Estate to all my friends and family!

James Pomozzi

Selling a house that had never been updated while we were living out of state was easier than we thought it would be. Although I earlier thought that we couldn’t get so close to our asking price, Roberta priced it right and brought many people through in a short period of time. I was very impressed with how quickly it went under contract and pleased with our final sales price. I love Roberta’s passion for Crystal Beach. Because she has lived in Crystal Beach for years, she has a stake in the community and I believe works even more diligently to find the right buyer for a home.

Jessica Gardner

When purchasing my home with Richard, I found that I was kept up to date and received regular sales comps during my search. He made purchasing a short sale home easy by staying on top of contract deadlines and requirements. I was especially pleases that I was always able to obtain a quick response from various vendors, like having a survey prepared within 24 hours.

Larry Curry

There are many complications in a real estate transaction that require a professional real estate agent's knowledge and expertise, which Roberta provided with great professionalism and care. Even though there were times that things got difficult in life or I became a little uneasy, Roberta was there to reassure and help me through. I am pleased with the work she did to get my home sold!

Nancy Ragland

As a direct result of working with you, I found that I was able to get a timely offer on my property as well as a back-up offer. Although it took time to hear about the first offer’s financing situation, Roberta was able to keep the back-up offer viable while we waited for what seemed like forever for the FHA to end up not approving the first offer. Thanks to Roberta’s hard work, we were able to have a smooth closing with my back up offer.


Roberta was a complete God-send to us - she is truly a rare gem. She is knowledgeable and experienced but what sets her apart is that she truly cares about her customers and it shows in every interaction. Roberta always had a great attitude and is a natural with her interpersonal skills. She works hard to make the buying experience a great one and we appreciated every bit of her integrity and top-notch service.

Patty Broadbent & Mariela Weidman

We are glad to be under contract and excited that we are closer to making this our new home! You have been extremely helpful & knowledgeable. Thank you so much for your detailed explanation of the entire process and keeping us up to date every step of the way. An added bonus was that Katie, the mortgage specialist made it very easy and quick to obtain a pre-qualification letter.

Bethany Duquette

The two agents we previously worked with would put low bid offers in, making us feel like we were insulting the sellers. Looking at the comps and the market, we felt like we were on the mark. Roberta never made us feel like that. She was always eager to accommodate. The other two agents made us work so hard to find a place. You made the process FUN Roberta. You were fast, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable, leaving us with no regrets in the end.
Thank you for making this a memorable experience for us.

Jill Belanger

During the search for my home, Roberta updated me about homes on a regular basis without having to ask. This made such a difference when searching! I'm glad to have had her and those helpful tools provided at my fingertips.

Laura Shearer

Shelbia has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She had been very accommodating and showed us everything we requested. She has been so knowledgeable about all the areas we've looked in and got to know us well enough to know exactly what was going to suit our needs and tastes. We've always felt that she was looking out for our best interests. Since we do not live in the country and could not be around for inspections, Shelbia acted as our eyes and ears, which helped us feel at ease about the whole situation. Getting such a great deal makes the purchase even better!

My experience with all the staff members has been good. Shelbia is a definite asset; she is absolutely the best! We spent so many hours with her and it was always a pleasure to be in her company. We are currently living out of the country and Shelbia is still taking care of our needs!

Greg and Cynthia

Your patience was one of the best things about working with you to find our home. You really represented us, and the persistence paid off. Thank you for finding us the perfect location, right were we wanted to be and close to the price we expected to pay.

Brad Kugler

We were very happy that Shelbia was able to be so flexible in order to accommodate for our schedule and needs when looking for a home, especially being on a time crunch. Moving to Florida was a change, but luckily we had Shelbia there to help us learn a new area.

Dale Cole

Our short sale made it challenging and forced us to be creative. I had spoken with MANY mortgage people and realtors in the last few months and Shelbia was THE ONLY agent who actually listened and went out of her way to help us with our situation.
Thank you Shelbia!

Pam Ricco

Working with Roberta to find a home was great, a big help was due to the fantastic electronic notifications of new listings and price reductions that she set us up with.

Roberta works hard and never left us hanging, she was informative and stayed right on top of things. Having her represent us meant that we were assured all aspects were handled in a professional manner. We were especially pleased with her responsiveness and follow through with all requirements for our closing.

Terry Cradick

Roberta was very diligent in her efforts to sell my house and was very professional throughout every step!

Renee Lee

As a direct result of working with the Blake Real Estate Team, I have realized that one should never give up on finding the perfect home. Your house, much like your mate or stray dog will find you.

Richard made the process of buying a home an easy one. His ability to listen, have a good "gut feel", and knowledge of the area were all very important during my search. He learned what I wanted and didn't waste any time to do an amazing job at extracting variables to lead me to my new home. I was very fortunate to have had the transaction to go so smoothly and with no hounding. Never give up on finding your perfect home!

Jane Huberty

You did such an excellent job helping us purchase our home 4 years ago. We wanted that same attentive service and expertise we appreciated on our previous housing transaction. We can't thank you enough for helping us through this process again. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to see this purchase all the way to fruition. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that would work harder to fulfill your needs than Richard and his team.


I think your firm did a great job on selling my home, from the marketing to Roberta's relentless efforts to overcome the 'dog issue'!
Thanks much!


We believe The Blake Real Estate Team work especially well together to provide seamless, high quality assistance to their clients. We were looking for a small second home somewhere in the Tampa Bay area. After carefully asking us exactly what we wanted in a home, we were advised which community we probably would be most happy in, and, after a short time, they found exactly the perfect house for us. The house they recommended we would not have found just be searching through listings on our own! Their knowledge of and use of the internet, including email, made our communications regarding listings and the process very convenient, highly informative, and efficient. While we waited to find out if our backup offer was accepted, we were shown 7 other houses in our price range in one day in a whirlwind tour of the entire Tampa Bay area. This was only possible due to the careful and efficient scheduling of visits. This provided us with additional information one could not gain from just looking at other on-line listings. Further, the Blake Real Estate Team provided not only advice and counsel in selecting our house, but provided referrals to all the necessary inspectors, banks, insurers, and even scheduled inspections and met inspectors for a worry-free close once we chose a house. Our close date was very close in time to the agreement date, and yet all went off without a hitch. We really enjoyed working with them!"

Lisa & Christopher Neal

My experience with the Blake Real Estate Team and Roberta (Wyandt) Celiberti has been a very positive experience from start to finish! I would certainly recommend you to any friends or family and I love my new house!! Thanks for everything.


I have been happy with my contacts with you and your staff, and with the service you have provided.


I have worked with ten different realtors over the past 15 years and Roberta (Wyandt) Celiberti rates tops on my list. She is knowledgeable and if she isn’t sure about something she will find out and let me know. She always has time for my questions and makes sure I have what I need. Roberta is the only realtor I’ve worked with that I can honestly say is truly there for her clients and is always warm and friendly when doing so. I have never had to track her down and then wait hours for her to return my call. She is always prompt in getting back to me. When Roberta has been unable to be there due to another obligation she has made sure Richard Blake, her team leader, is there for me.

Roberta is also a very kind, warm and friendly person. I feel that she is genuine, a real person and not just some salesperson. She has made me feel very comfortable working with her. Other realtors I have dealt with in the past have been either unknowledgeable, too busy to really help when I’ve needed them, rude (snotty), or simply just not good at their job. Before working with Roberta, I have to admit I had begun to strongly dislike realtors. I viewed them the way people view used car salesmen. She has turned my opinion around. Roberta is none of these things. And I intend to continue to use her services for my future and current needs. I would gladly, and have already, recommended her to others. She is, to put it simply, a true credit to her profession.

Debra Brecese

Their performance was outstanding. Roberta (Wyandt) Celiberti and the Blake Real Estate Team were there when I needed them during the process of my house purchase. They always responded to my requests in a timely manner and with excellent professionalism.

Ivan Sokolic

Richard and his team sold my house for me in one of the worst markets. I've always marveled at his dedication to work and enthusiasm to learn not to mention his great personality. I totally trust Richard to give me the best information at every step of the process of buying and selling property. I’m sure he would be an asset to any first time buyer/seller or a Real Estate veteran!

Gwynne Brunet

Helpful and attentive, Richard Blake made the process of buying my first home easy and comfortable. After listening to what I was looking for, he knew just where to take me to look and he was right on the mark! Richard was available whenever I had questions or concerns, and I greatly appreciated his willingness to see me through the entire process from start to finish. Without hesitation, I would recommend Richard to anyone I know looking to buy or sell a home.

Tamara Radecki

Hi Richard,
As you know, I am also a real estate agent in Georgia and I have personally purchased and sold many properties as well. From my experience with you selling my home in Palm Harbor, you and your staff are great. Many thanks.
I like your quick responses and detailed messages which are not found in many other agents or brokerages. Thank you again.

Ted Hayashi

We originally were referred to Richard and his team by several of our friends that have had great success with purchasing and selling their home. Richard broke down the road blocks that we originally thought were "deal breakers". He helped us renegotiate which resulted in the purchase of our dream home.


It was not long after meeting you that I realized that one of your best attributes is the comfort level I felt with you. I perceive you as a gentleman of integrity, trustworthy, and dedicated to my goals. Your experience and knowledge of the neighborhoods, knowledge of values, and finding us a condo that met our needs and financial profile is appreciated.

Your assistance in locating properties and making the most out of the time we had to allocate was certainly appreciated as well. Through the real estate transaction you definitely had our interest in mind, having the latest market information , the best advice, showing properties in our price range, and negotiating the price. Thanks.

Your guidance through the closing process, handling the many details, and making sure everything flowed together smoothly was great. This transaction has been a positive experience, and we will refer your services to friends and family for their real estate needs.
Keep up the good work Richard.
~Yours truly

Albert and Didi