Congratulations on your first step towards living the way you want! Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned expert, buying a home is a huge commitment in terms of time and money.  But, much more than that, the process of finding a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle should be fun.

Before You Start Looking…

Take some time to consider what exactly you would include in your dream home if your choices and financial resources were unlimited.  Once you have put together this dream list, scratch off the items that you know are unrealistic.  Then make another list from the items that remain, grouping them into must-haves, would-likes and things it would be okay to have included.

Got Cash?  Unless you can answer with a loud, confident “yes,” you need to research mortgage lenders, programs and interest rates well before beginning your home search.  Buyers who have determined ahead of time how much they are willing to spend, and how much they can borrow, are the most successful homebuyers. Our preferred lender at Blake Real Estate is The Florida Mortgage Source. Contact them today to learn more about the process of obtaining a pre-approval and loan commitment statement.

To get started, contact the Blake Real Estate team today to setup your free, no obligation consultation either in person or by telephone.

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