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Are you considering a change in your real estate career? Looking for a company who cares about you as much as you care about your own business?

Take a look at the feedback from our agents at Blake Real Estate:

Business Plan and TrainingWhen I was looking for a place to hang my license, I interviewed all of the reputable brokerages in my area from the corporate brokerages to the mom-and-pop-style establishments. I was looking for a brokerage that provided the systems in place for me to be successful as a corporate office would, but also a brokerage that had personal environment. Upon meeting the broker of Blake Real Estate, I immediately knew that he and the brokerage possessed just that. Richard Blake is innovative, anticipating years ahead of what is happening in the current marketplace. Besides providing an environment that promulgates success where systems are in place to be successful, BRE is a place that feels like home. A welcoming environment accommodating the opportunity to connect with clients and other agents in a professional but personal atmosphere.

My experience at Blake Real Estate these past two and a half years has been tremendously positive. BRE and the systems that Rick Blake has in place has fast-tracked my real estate business and has been more lucrative than I thought possible. Rick Blake is the only broker that gave me the confidence that he knew what it takes to be successful in the real estate world. He has the ability to take someone from being an agent to becoming a career professional. Rick Blake has created an environment that has a unique balance of professionalism and personalism which is what I LOVE about the Blake Real Estate family.     ~Micaela Nesselroad, Palm Harbor Realtor


So when you pass your Real Estate exam what do you do next? There are so many brokers out there to choose from. Many are large major companies that have been in business for years and have thousands of agents. Those are great companies I’m sure, but I wanted something different. So I interviewed with a company I was unfamiliar but had heard many good things about. The interview went well, and I have now found a place where I feel at home and couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with.     ~ Kristi Hazel, Clearwater Realtor

In choosing a broker I took it very seriously. I needed to find someone who was knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. In Blake Real Estate I have found so much more. I joined a team who puts their knowledge and expertise together. This gives our customers the best experience possible. I’m proud to have become part of a team who will continue to maintain and grow a great reputation along with supporting our community.     ~Joleen Leary, Clearwater Realtor

Join Blake Real EstateI chose Blake Real Estate because I didn’t want to just “hang my license”. I wanted to feel like I was part of a team. For most of my real estate career I have been on my own and in an office where I had to trudge my way through contracts, transactions, legalities, clients’ questions and more without the support of others. In this field, that is a very tough position to be in! After speaking with Rick Blake for just a few short moments, I realized I did not have to do that any longer! Blake Real Estate offers so much more than the modern, cutting edge technical supports an agent should be looking for, they also offer a brand and a feel that you will not get anywhere else. I am very proud to carry the Blake logo anywhere I go. It feels like home, and I am very happy that I made the decision to change companies and join Blake Real Estate!     ~Mercedes Ofalt, Safety Harbor Realtor


When choosing a brokerage to work under as a new agent, I was pleased to find my perfect fit at Blake Real Estate Inc. I was looking for an establishment that reflected my own ideals. Blake Real Estate’s sense of community, and commitment to helping others is what first caught my eye. The core of this company is to create an exciting, challenging environment that I felt I could really grow with. There is a strong commitment to teamwork and helping each other anytime we can which is important to me in a work place.     ~Hannah Mills, Oldsmar RealtorCommunity Involvement

After interviewing with the broker, I felt as if this not only was a fantastic place to hang my license, but a great way to jump start my business. I was drawn by the realness he presented and the one on one contact he has provided. His guidance in the short period of time I have been with Blake Real Estate is incredible.  I know as time goes by I will not only learn more about the industry but really grasp the concepts and have an overall better understanding of the fine detail. I know I will grow and become the agent I want to be. I most definitely would recommend Blake Real Estate to other agents regardless of how long they have been in this industry.     ~Britni Odegaard, Clearwater Realtor

I chose Blake Real estate for the smaller community feel as opposed to one of the more chain style offices where you become more of just a number than an actual part of the business. I feel comfortable calling anyone for questions anytime and that includes the broker Rick himself which is rare. Blake offered extensive schooling and classes as well so I really saw no extra benefit with the national companies other then the name and numerous fees and larger portions of commission taken.     ~Nick Schaeperklaus, St Petersburg Realtor


I know hundreds of brokers in Florida and Rick Blake is tops on my list in terms of his ability to forward think to problem solve. Rick’s experience and awareness of how to use technology for marketing and generating leads, brought me to Blake Real Estate. Being ‘old school’ trained- I needed to get current with the times for marketing, etc… Blake Real Estate offers the best commission compensation while still providing training and development for new agents and seasoned agents with years of experience.  BRE can take a status quo agent to the next level of production know-how.

Training and TeamworkThis company is a huge community participant for outreach and name recognition branding as well as fundraising for worthy causes. We think beyond ourselves and real estate to helping others.  BRE is a company that is consistently moving in a forward direction to meet the needs of the agents in all areas from marketing, development, production and wealth building so anyone at BRE can ‘live the way they want’ while maintaining a stable, professional, career – while keeping customers first!  BRE provides all the tools we need to be successful in procuring listings, sales and the training necessary to set ourselves apart from stereotype real estate agents to Buyer’s Agents.  BRE promotes team building- incorporating fun, food, friendships with exhilarating team spirit!  The broker is approachable and willing to go beyond the extra mile to support, train and encourage agents while also listening and considering options for improvement for the greater good of the company and the brand.  Family cultural environment yet structured business for success.

Blake Real Estate is a warm, friendly, enjoyable place to work with impressive first impression environment- a place you are proud to bring your customers to!     ~Victoria Lippincott, New Port Richey Realtor

When I sat down with Rick Blake the broker/owner of Blake Real Estate there was no ice to be broken, I immediately felt comfortable and the interview was more of conversation than anything else. Rick told me his story about how he got started, where he had success, his local knowledge and contacts, and his vision to move forward. It became obvious to me that he truly understands the local market, is very tech savvy and knows how to market and generate business in the internet age. I learned about how I would have direct access to the broker and top agents for advice as I grew my own knowledge and experience, and I learned about the professionally led training programs that Blake Real Estate offers to it’s agents. Since Joining I have not only gained amazing experience and learned so much about the practice of real estate, I have also gained a group of good friends in Blake Real Estate.     ~Conor O’neill, Tarpon Springs Realtor




About Richard Blake

After being ranked in the top 1% of Real Estate professionals in the Tampa Bay area for nearly a decade, Richard Blake now spends much of his time training other top Real Estate experts who want to grow their businesses by offering innovative and world class client services.