Easily Obtain a Pasco County Elevation Certificate

Have you been looking to purchase a home in Pasco County?
If so, you may have noticed that there is a selection of available Pasco County homes which may require flood insurance. Let’s say the home you wish to buy is in a flood zone, wouldn’t you like to know the flood insurance costs before placing an offer on a home? Of coarse! By determining the best estimated costs of flood insurance, you are able to better determine your financial situation and budget. As our team is here to provide the best real estate resources to clients, family, and friends – we are also here to provide it to YOU!

If you are looking to purchase a property in New Port Richey, Trinity, Holiday, Hudson, Spring Hill, Odessa or anywhere else in Pasco County, please remember this:
Pasco County can provide an emailed copy of an elevation certificate for $5.30!

Home buyers are often interested to know what their flood insurance rates will be prior to placing an offer on a home. Without an elevation certificate, it is almost impossible for the insurance agent to reliably quote flood insurance rates. Now, Pasco County can provide an elevation certificate for $5.30 if they have one on file.

“How?” you ask.
Simply complete the downloadable form below and email it to Diane Hicks at Pasco County: dhicks@pascocountyfl.net.

> Pasco County Elevation Certificate Request Form



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*Prices referenced are current as of the writing of this article and are subject to change.

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