Knowing The Property Permit History Helps You!

Permit history helps to provide us with more details about properties, looking further into the building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical changes that a home may have undergone. Many of these alterations are not noticed off hand or may not be seen with the naked eye, and that is why obtaining the permit history on a home is very important. Whether you are a current homeowner and have been living in your house for 10 years or are looking to purchase a new home, pulling the permit history of a property can inform you of things you didn’t know: Do you know when the roof was last replaced? When the windows were installed? When the back deck was added? Or how about when that nice privacy fence was put up? Could you even tell that the air conditioning system was updated or that the plumbing was redone?

All of these questions and much more structural information can be answered by looking at a property’s permit history! It can’t be promised that the permit history will cover every change made to a home or building, but it is a great place to look for documented alterations and acts as a very informative tool. If you’re reading this and telling yourself “nobody ever told me to get the permit history”, you’re certainly not alone. Although many seasoned investors ask to view the permit history of a home or building that they plan to purchase, many first-time home buyers and even repeat buyers wouldn’t think twice about it. Hey homeowner, did you take a look at the permit history for your home when you bought it? For those who are interested in buying a home, I would advise for you to get the permit history as soon as possible. This information can help you better determine if the home you are interested in purchasing is the right one for you; by making you aware of structural enhancements or damages that your “dream home” has gone through.

Depending on where a home is located, you (or your knowledgeable Realtor) can find out the permit history by contacting the county or city in which the property is located in. Many of these areas even provide an online resource for you to look up the information. Now to make it even easier, we’re providing that information to you. By using the links, contact phone numbers or emails below, you can find out the permit history for a specific address:


By County:

Hillsborough County: Hillsborough Permit Search

Pasco County: Pasco Permit Search

Pinellas County: 727-464-3888   or   Pinellas Permit Search


By City:

City of Clearwater: 727-562 4567   or   Clearwater Permit Search (be sure to select the “building” tab)

City of Dunedin: 727-298-3203

City of New Port Richey:

City of Oldsmar: 813-749-1115

City of Pinellas Park: Pinellas Park Permit Search

City of Safety Harbor: Safety Harbor Permit Search

City of Seminole: 727-392-1966

City of Tarpon Springs: 727-942-5617

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