Cobb Acres Waterfront Homes

Cobb's Acres Waterfront HomesCobb Acres waterfront homes are nestled along the southwest side of Lake Tarpon in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Hidden away in the northeast corner of Cobb’s Landing, Cobb Acres waterfront homes might lack in quantity but not in luxury or convenience.  Every home in this beautiful Palm Harbor neighborhood is architecturally unique, reflective of both northern and Floridian influences.  It is not uncommon to see an eagle nesting here in one of the tall pine trees or deer quietly making their way to the lake in the early morning hours.  A few minutes spent walking along the Cobb Acres waterfront will surely not be without catching a glimpse of a Florida softshell turtle poking its head from the rippling water.  Do not be alarmed but it is true that  small alligator or two has also been known to make its way onto the Lake Tarpon’s grassy banks.  Cobb Acres waterfront homes have access to their own boat dock and community park.  The small park is made complete with a covered white gazebo and pond with a trickling fountain.  Living along the Cobb Acres waterfront, you will surely never stop marveling at the natural beauty surrounding you while you are still only minutes away from the amenities of the city.  Situated only one mile from the busy US 19 Highway, living in a Cobb Acres waterfront home  is conveniently close to Palm Harbor restaurants,shopping, golf courses and schools.  The best of city and suburban living awaits you in this peaceful Cobb’s Landing neighborhood.  You may have a hard time finding a home for sale in the Cobb Acres waterfront home community, but once you find it, bets are that you will be docking your boat and your family here for quite some time.




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