New Homes in Safety Harbor are selling FAST!

New homes in Safety Harbor Florida are still in high demand. Despite the doom and gloom of the Florida real estate market trends of recent, the beautiful, marina town of Safety Harbor is selling new homes like it is still 2005. It seems as if every new home in Safety Harbor is already sold when they break ground or soon thereafter. There’s simply not much land left to build on in Safety Harbor and the “spec” homes that were being scooped up in a hurry during the real estate frenzy from 2000 – 2005 are no longer being built…or are they? They are, just at a much slower rate than ever before, which may be a good thing for Safety Harbor homeowners as prices begin to rebound. If you look at the statistics of new home sales in Safety Harbor in 2005 versus today in 2012, you will notice that not much has changed. Based on the local MLS data, in 2005 new homes in Safety Harbor were selling for $145 – $190 per square foot whereas today, over the past year, new homes in Safety Harbor are still selling for $140 – $170 square foot. Not much of a change! And the biggest surprise is that these new homes in Safety Harbor are not sitting on the market for months at a time, on average, these new homes in Safety Harbor are put under contract in under sixty days!New homes in Safety Harbor is what home buyers want!

I talk to folks on a weekly basis that say they would love to find a newer, energy efficient, modern home in the heart of downtown Safety Harbor where they can walk to the bay to go fishing, enjoy a concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall, or stroll down the street to enjoy an upscale French cuisine dinner.  (More on Safety Harbor and all of its amenities can be found on our Safety Harbor Real Estate section.) But unfortunately, at this time there’s not a lot to choose from.  In fact, here’s a link to the new construction in Safety Harbor that is going on now.  You can be certain that any new Safety Harbor homes you find here will be sold very soon.  You may want to consider buying vacant land in Safety Harbor and then having your new home custom built to suit your needs.  There are still a few buildable lots left in the Safety Harbor that you can make your own.  Vacant land in Safety Harbor is still a great long term investment if you decide not to build a new home in Safety Harbor.  If you do decide to build that dream home in Safety Harbor that you have always wanted, there are several reputable, good builders in the immediate area that we can recommend that build new homes in Safety Harbor.


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